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We're the career accelerator for rising engineers. We leverage cohort-based coaching and a vetted community of professionals to help you break into tech faster. Find a better paying job faster!

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Access our curated month-long job search bootcamp led by industry mentors

Join fireside chats led by talented industry professionals from diverse backgrounds

Build a community of like-minded people also looking to break into tech

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Job Search Accelerator

We'll help you get more interviews and ace them in 4 weeks. Scholarships available!

Curated practical workshops designed by industry professionals

Get live feedback on your resume, LinkedIn, and behavioral interview answers

Join a representative cohort of like-minded people also looking to break into tech

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Readily available instructors give you feedback live


Tech isn't diverse (yet), Mentorade's community is 

Lectures are boring; all our workshops are practical

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Mentorade helped me drastically increase my network of software engineers

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