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We're career services for overlooked engineers. We leverage cohort-based mentorship and a vetted community of professionals to help you break into tech faster. Accelerate your job searcg and save time.

Product Manager Track

Software Engineer Track

Become an (Associate) Product Manager today

Access our curated month-long job search bootcamp led by industry mentors

Join fireside chats led by talented industry professionals from diverse backgrounds

Build a community of like-minded people also looking to break into tech

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Job Search Accelerator

We'll help you get more interviews and ace them in 4 weeks. Scholarships available!

Curated practical workshops designed by industry professionals

Get live feedback on your resume, LinkedIn, and behavioral interview answers

Join a representative cohort of like-minded people also looking to break into tech

What makes Mentorade different



Readily available instructors give you feedback live


Tech isn't diverse (yet), Mentorade's community is 

Lectures are boring; all our workshops are practical

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Mentorade helped me drastically increase my network of software engineers

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